St. Joe Express, Inc. is a family-owned kosher liquid food grade carrier, serving customers in the St. Joseph, MO area. The company hauls primarily vegetable oil. No hazardous materials are hauled.

St. Joe Express is a technology leader in the bulk tank food industry and is proactively developing transport advancements that will save its customers’ time, product, and money.

Under third-generation family leadership, St. Joe Express is proud of its long-term client relationships and its experienced team. St. Joe Express has earned its excellent reputation for service and quality.

In the liquid food hauling industry, St. Joe Express is a leader and a proven transport partner.

St. Joe Express, Inc. has more than 80-years of experience in the food hauling industry. Family-owned and operated, the management of St. Joe Express has always placed a high priority on driver retention and customer service.


In 1926, Joe Pomprowitz started a small trucking business in the rural farming community of Sobieski, Wisconsin. The eldest of seven children, Joe knew the family’s general store was not enough to support his widowed mother and younger siblings.

So with $200 from his mother and a loan from the bank, Joe Pomprowitz bought a used truck and began hauling. Soon, with encouragement from Helen Vanderlinden, his close friend and future bride, Joe purchased a second truck and began expansion.

Named LCL Transit for its “less than a car load” beginnings, the company grew quickly. By 1935, LCL had 10 trucks and 15 employees and was hauling for nearly every cheese processing plant in the upper Midwest. Joe and Helen Pomprowitz managed the company together for more than 30 years, eventually joined by their daughter Joan. In 1966, leadership officially passed to the second generation when Joan’s husband Bob Schaupp was elected chairman of the board.

Under the Schaupps’ direction, St. Joe Express became one of five major operating companies under P&S Investment Company, Inc.: LCL Bulk Transport, HFCS Transport, Stellar Express, Morristown Express, and St. Joe Express. The companies specialize exclusively in liquid edible food products, and together they make P&S Investment Company the largest chocolate hauler in the nation.

Today, St. Joe Express is led by Hans Schaupp, a third generation of the Pomprowitz family. Family-ownership means a great deal at St. Joe Express where customer relationships are valued and honored with personal commitment and attention—just like their grandparents did.


Experienced Staff

The company places a strong emphasis on driver retention, offering dedicated, regional and long haul runs. Driver-friendly schedules return operators home regularly and help St. Joe Express build staff consistency and experience.

Part of a Larger Family

St. Joe Express along with LCL Bulk Transport, Morristown Express, Stellar Express and HFCS make up the family of companies under the ownership of P&S Investments Inc. It is because of the extended family that St. Joe Express belongs to that they are able to offer the small company feel with the large company benefits.

On-Site Maintenance

St. Joe Express has on-site maintenance and truck wash facilities at its full service terminal in the Midwest.

Quality Equipment

Tanks are equipped with instantaneous temperature monitoring to ensure food product safety. Tractors and trailers are reliable, well-maintained late-model units that will deliver your product on-time and convey a clean, professional image on your company site.

Hauling Innovation

Drivers are dispatched from the St. Joe Express home terminal. A satellite communication system connects drivers to the dispatch center, terminals, and customer service. This system means St. Joe can provide faster response to customer requests, flexible routing schedules, and 24/7 load tracking.

St. Joe Express is an industry pioneer and has a reputation as the go-to hauler for companies with special logistical needs such as temperature, cleanliness, or security. St. Joe Express partners with its clients to find innovative solutions to distinct hauling challenges.


St. Joe Express is a technology leader in the bulk tank food industry. We do not transport hazardous materials.

St. Joe Express is a Kosher-certified bulk tank hauler of liquid food grade products. The company specializes in soybean oil and is a subsidiary of P&S Investments Co., Inc.

St. Joe Express serves the following industries:

  • Soybean and vegetable oil
  • Biodiesel
  • Glycerin



At St. Joe Express, customer service means finding innovative ways to improve their customers’ bottom lines. St. Joe's new, patented ShakerTank™ is just one example of company innovation and its dedication to proactive customer service. The ShakerTank™ is the industry’s only vibrating bulk tank system. This sophisticated tank improves product viscosity, thereby decreasing product heel and unloading time. The ShakerTank™ saves time, money and product.

Efficient by design, The Shaker Tank promises to transform the bulk tank transportation of difficult-to-unload products. This sophisticated tank features unique design components, including a vibration system, that increases the efficiency of product unloading and ultimately increase carriers’ bottom lines.

  • Shorter Unloading Times
  • Less Product Heel
  • Reduced Driver Effort
  • Lower Excess Heel Charges
  • Reduced Cleaning Time and Waste
  • Less Liability
  • Less Administrative Processing Required
  • More Money
  • Less Time
  • More Product
  • Increased Safety
  • No Scraping Needed
St. Joe Express holds the ShakerTank™ patent and is the only liquid food product transport company using a vibrating bulk tank design. For information on using the ShakerTank™ in chemical and other liquid hauling applications, contact Brenner Tank LLC in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin at 920-322-1051.


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